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NFL Midseason Report Card
Written by Mark Grey   

We have now reached the midway point of the 2013 NFL season.  There have been surprises both good and bad, teams hit hard with the injury bug, and record breaking performances.  Now that every team has played at least half of its games, its time to give each one a grade based on their first half performance.  Just like in school, the grade a team receives at the midway point doesn’t mean that it can not change over the second half.

Dallas Cowboys - The goal of every team is to win their division and at the halfway point the Cowboys find themselves atop theirs with a 3-0 record in division play. The problem is the only teams they have been able to beat not in the NFC East are the Vikings and Rams. The Cowboys defense has struggled this season ranking 31st against the pass.  On offense the passing game has excelled, but the running game has become nonexistent. The Cowboys are the best team in the NFC East, which is not saying much this year. Grade : C+

Philadelphia Eagles - After the Eagles week 1 victory over the Redskins, fans were calling Chip Kelly’s offense game changing.  Just a few weeks later fans were questioning if Kelly needed to change his offense. After week 1, the Eagles went on to lose three straight and before long, surprise surprise, Michael Vick was hurt. The Eagles were able to beat two winless teams before losing back to back home games against division rivals in which they scored a combined 10 points. The 29 point beat down they were able to give the Raiders on the Road thanks to Nick Foles recording breaking day, helped to save a little face but to call the Eagles anything more than a below average football team would be a stretch. Grade : C-

Washington Redskins - Going into the season, the Redskins labeled anything less than a super bowl trip this season a failure. At the midway point the Skins have a total of three wins and are well on their way to failure by their own measuring stick. For the first month of the season, RG3 looked like a mere shell of himself yet the team was asking him to throw more than ever.  The only chances the Redskins have at making the playoffs is by winning the Division which will be tough seeing as they have yet to win a game there. Grade : D+



NFL Image
"I don’t know who came up with the phrase “If it weren't for bad luck I wouldn't have any” but I do know exactly what they were feeling.  Six weeks into the fantasy season and not one of my fantasy teams is above 500.  I have reached that point many fantasy owners know all too well - the point where you know whatever move you make, it’s going to be the wrong one.  No matter who you start, they will suck and every week the players on your bench take turns having the game of their life. " Read More ...

NBA Image "Michael Jordan didn't just come in the league and start winning titles; he improved his game every year and as he got better, Magic and Bird got older.  After finally getting past Isiah Thomas and the Pistons, the NBA was Jordan's. Nowadays, kids don't want to put in the work to get better and they damn sure don't want to wait for anything."  Read More...

Welcome to D.C.

Washington MonumentIt is a well known fact that the nation's capital is full of crime and corruption, but any D.C. sports fan can tell you that some of the biggest thieves in the city don’t wear ski masks or suits and ties; they wear jerseys with their names on the backs.  Read More...


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